Nonprofit Vidant CEO Mike Waldrum

He makes millions, threatens to deprive teachers, state employees, retirees and their families of affordable health care coverage.

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Tell Mike Waldrum to sign the State Health Plan agreement and stop holding teachers and state employees hostage.

Million Dollar Mike's Massive Contract

CEO Mike Waldrum is threatening to refuse affordable health care coverage for thousands of teachers, state employees and retirees. Under his leadership, the hospital he runs was ensnared in a nasty lawsuit. Waldrum’s reward? ...

Vidant CEO gets five-year contract extension

“Waldrum is paid $1.2 million annually… The hospital system and Pitt County currently are embroiled in a lawsuit with the UNC System and ECU…”

Hospitals, executives reap profits from confusion


Million Dollar Mike’s $800 Million Cash Stash

Under Mike Waldrum’s direction, “nonprofit” Vidant Health stashed away over $800 million in cash and other financial reserves but threatens to deny in-network health care coverage for ECU employees, teachers, other state workers and their families.
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Putting Families and Civil Servants At Risk

While Waldrum rakes in millions in salary and hospitals pile up hundreds of millions of dollars in reserves, teachers, correctional officers, state troopers, nurses, road workers and housekeepers wonder if hospitals will accept their health insurance. All because Waldrum and other executives want to milk millions more from the State Health Plan. If hospitals don’t accept the State Health Plan, it could put over 720,000 state employees and retirees at risk.

“The self-funded State Health Plan represents more than 720,000 state employees and retirees, and spends $3.3 billion a year. It is the largest health-care buyer in the state. But is one of the worst-funded public health plans in the nation. It has 3 percent of the funding it needs to cover projected future expenses, with $35 billion in unfunded liabilities. By 2023, it won’t have enough money to pay its bills.
(State Treasurer Dale) Folwell hopes to launch his Clear Pricing Project… requiring health care providers to publish their prices. Letting health care consumers price shop would spark competition and reduce costs.”


'Game Of Chicken' Puts State Employees Health Care At Risk

In the middle are the 720,000 school teachers, highway patrol officers, state retirees and all other members of the State Health Plan who could find themselves staring at hospital bills that run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars beginning Jan. 1.

Hiding from Patients, Refusing to Answer Questions

Waldrum even refuses to face the correctional officers, highway patrol officers, nurses, road workers and teachers he’s depriving of health care services, rejecting invitations to town halls and public forums where he doesn’t control the audience or the agenda.
“Dr. Waldrum declined the invitation as he does not believe a Town Hall is the best format…”